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‘Who Am I’

The most asked question today and not always a question that be answered simply.

Rachael Thompson Phillips a Spiritual Entrepreneur

I am curious. I like to know how things works, what there functions are and how best to utilise the learning back into everyday life. I have always known my WHY or purpose and I have spent the last 20 odd years searching the HOW. How to collect all the information, tools & resources to bring it all together. There have been times of questioning my sanity but I followed my intuition, trusted my instincts & guidance and staying true to my journey for what I believe is right for me. My journey has been the biggest self-development lesson to date.

I am committed to education as I feel the knowledge has the potential to change lives. We cant change what we don’t know. As life is constantly evolving, reaching new level of awareness continually, which means you can no longer live life from old filters of perception. You are here to learn, grow, develop as spiritual human beings.

I believe we are all magnificent beings who all have a beautiful purpose we can share with the world and no one purpose is greater or lesser than the other as collective together we all contribute and can change someone’s life.

My vision has been if I could change one person through educating them of their own potential and how to embrace that and direct in a positive direction, then that newfound knowledge is so powerful, it passes through generations creating change for the present and future. Crazy – yep and that crazy I will continue to do until I can no longer serve no more.

I love to work with sassy lady entrepreneurs, for we are uniquely amazing creatures that are striving to be best version of themselves. For ladies are so emotionally strong and resilient, have some much passion, and drive and together we can change this world.

Ladies are like beautiful butterflies that continue to evolve and go through their own metamorphosis and when they transform into that butterfly, they can soar to such great heights emotionally, physically, spiritually and on a soul level. And there is nothing more rewarding than watching that self-development occur. Just magical.

Lady entrepreneurs are so diverse, adaptable, creative, and stubborn in a resourceful way. How so you ask. We are creatures that once we set our mind to something, nothing or no one will prevent them from achieving whatever they have set their minds to. Stubborn is a great attribute when channeled productively which turns to determination and motivational resources.

I love to interview people within the spiritual industry as a way to share their wisdom and wealth of knowledge and bust myths and perceptions people have in regards to the true journey living a spiritual pathway. Spiritual beings are no longer long haired hippies that live an unrealistic world. They are normal humans that are also living a human experience as a spiritual teacher who are not prevented from experiencing the same life lessons as others.

They are people who have stayed true to their truth and followed their intuition and guidance, consistently worked hard at their craft and love to share their wealth of knowledge as a form of contributing to changing the world. And I love to share their message to help create a positive shift within this industry. It is a professional business like any other, with amazing people who are here to help and guide people along their journey with the skillset they have been gifted.

I am an ongoing student & teacher of 20 years exploring human behaviour & personal development, who is on quest to better understand beings from a physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and soul aspect. For the more I learn the more I can contribute to my clients learning.

My background is:

Founder of Successfully SASSY online business
Creator of ‘BEYOU” Oracle Cards
Host on LA Radio

NLP/ Meta Dynamics Practitioner
Psychic Clairvoyant
Reiki & Crystal Healer
Flower Essence Therapist
Holistic Counselor
Remedial Massage Therapist
Body Decoder

Humans are so multi dimensional, complex and yet simple creatures who are all striving to answer this same very question of Who Am I and What Is My Purpose.

My greatest passion has always been to best assist people to uncover this very question. I have always believed that if we understand how we function and why, through exploring the 4 aspects of self, then we can better learn to understand ourselves.

We have been bombarded by so much information over the years, had multiple expectations placed upon us all of what we should be. We look external for answers and I want to change all that and bring it back to self. For inside everyone, you have the answers, sometimes it takes someone to help awaken your potential and guide you through until you can move forward on our own.

We are all here to help each other find the answers to these definitive questions, because once we know the answers, we can take giant steps forward to change the world in your own unique style & flair.

Feel free to connect with me, to assist you along your journey.

Rachael xx


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