Are Your Ready To Show & Shine Your Awesomeness


Have you ever said to yourself:

✨ “when this happens I’ll step up” or 
✨ “when I acquire this skill, then it’ll be my time to shine” or 
✨ “who am I to shine, I’m no one special”

the list goes on!!! Having all these low vibin self-defeatist thoughts about showing up and just being YOU scares the shit out of you!!!

You know what??? Showing up and letting yourself be fully seen is scary, there’s no denying that… Yet it’s only your lack of confidence within yourself that worries more about:

🥺What people will think
😌 Or playing small and consider you not that special or 
😩 Feel frustrated that you’ve got all these wicked skills yet lack client to support your dreams so you either discount your services or give them away for free, thinking that will attract more clients… But doesn’t and you burn yourself out instead

Well while your messing with your own mind worrying about everything, you could just simply decide ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Do what makes you happy, that’s it… People are going to love you and others not!!! Move on!!!

Back yourself more, trust your intuitive guidance to take a step towards fulfiling those dreams, invest in yourself…

You have within you amazing SKILLS & QUALITIES that others are seeking out!!! Yes – YOU!!! 

Whilst you’re making excuses why you can’t do what you’re passionate about, where you shine the most, you miss out on helping the very people you deeply desire too…

You are imperfectly perfect and that is what makes you real… People don’t want perfection they want real & authentic…

Those skills you possess need an outlet to channel all your soulful energy towards, that is where your dreams are…

So next time you move into those doubts and fears of showing up to shine, remind yourself that you are friggin amazing divine gorgeous soul and the world needs you to radiate your confidence by being YOU!!! 

Are you going to reclaim your power & step into your confidence or continue to shrink & hide???

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Much Love 
Rachael xx
Intuition Teacher & International Psychic