Cleanse & Clear The Energy On Your Cards

Create An Infusion Of Your Own Energy Into The Cards

SPECIAL BONUS - Watch This Video On How To Cleanse & Clear The Energy On Your 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards!

Oracle cards hold and store energy that vibrates through each card/reading and the only energy you want on your cards are yours.  It is a good habit to get into right at the beginning and everytime you play with your cards, as you never know who may have left there imprint of energy on the cards & also each time you connect with cards, your energy will be different.

When the cards are cleansed & cleared each time you connect with them, this allows the cards to vibrate at a higher frequency to offer insight, wisdom, guidance & a deeper connection to your soul/intuition.


How To Cleanse  & Clear Your Cards:

1. Separate each cards/or shuffle them around
2. Look at each card to visually connect with the images.
3. Cleansing Affirmation/Mantra
4. Set an intention
5. Playtime

Remember follow your own intuition as it is a soul communication coming through to guide you for what is right for you.