Connect To Your Cards

Building A Strong Bond Between Yourself & The Cards

SPECIAL BONUS - Watch This  Video To Learn How To Connect You With Your 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards!

Your 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards hold your energy imprint now that you have cleaned & cleared any residual energy from others. Now you want to start building a great relationship with them, just like you would a new friend.

The bond/relationship you build with you oracle cards will increase the connection between both yourself & the cards and open the channel to receive crystal clear readings.

Oracle cards are a tool to tap into your intuition and bring awareness to your own personal soul/spiritual journey.  They offer learning on a multi dimensional level that help provide clarity, direction & healing.

So lets go in and discover how to build a great connection to your cards.



How To Connect With Your Cards:

1. Visually Connect
2. Card meanings
3. Connect emotionally
4. Conscious emotions
5.  Guidebook 

Consistency & Persistence is the key to building a strong relationship between yourself & your 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards.

Remember follow your own intuition as it is a soul communication coming through to guide you for what is right for you.