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Are you tired of being around people & picking up there energy which leaves you feeling drained & wanting to withdraw for people??? If you're saying 'YES' then this meditation is for you...

This meditation is my "go to" meditation I have done for over 20 years that not only left me feeling confident when around people, but also one that is usually only for my high paying clients within my Sacred Psychic Online Course that I want to share with you today!!!

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Rachael had a 6 figure business as a hands on therapist for over 20 years as a psychic, remedial massage therapist, massage trainer/teacher, coach & healer, before taking her wealth of knowledge online...

I've been where you are being effected by other peoples energy & I want you to know there is a simple, easy & quick solution... Now its my passion to share this with people like you, so you can break free & confidently know you energy is protected like you deserve...

I went from feeling withdrawn, depleted & drained to loving being with my clients & having plenty of energy left over for my family & friends, everyday... Today I want to share this technique with you!!!

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Rachael xx


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