Do You Want To Know What Your Own Unique Energetic Frequency Is???

A lot of the time most people can identify that they are picking up on other people's energy because of the distortions & impact it has on them... But with this occurring all the time you can  actually forget what your own unique energy vibe is!!!

As you grow & evolve over time, your energy vibration needs to match the person you have become, minus the roller coaster of emotions within yourself that picking up other people's energy does to you...

BUT how can you really tune into your vibe if you don't know what your energy frequency looks like, sounds like or FEELS like for you???

This meditation I have specifically designed for you to explore & discover what is YOUR OWN UNIQUE ENERGY FREQUENCY is, so that you can always be checking in to make sure you are in alignment with the most authentic energy that is YOU!!!

Each person has there very own distinct energy vibe... Do you want to know what your vibe is now???

Get your very own 'Uniquely You' Meditation Today!!!

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