Renewed Determination

Weekly Energy Forecast For May 10th – 16th
The Overall Theme Is: Renewed Determination

We begin this week with a New Moon this coming Tuesday the 11th of May… So I’ve added a link below for you to download and get deeply connected with your dreams|goals|visions and by writing them down you’re making a commitment to turn them from words on a page into an inspired action plan.

🌛 New Moon Intentions Reset Workbook🌜

With any New Moon there becomes a shift of energy!!! A shift in perceptions, beliefs, a deeper connection to the life you’ve come into carnation to live… 

And know your worthy of too.. 

So with that said this week’s overall theme is: Renewed Determination
Link here to listen:

This week’s energy is guiding you towards:
🌜 Writing your dreams down to manifest them into the material…
🔮 Staying true to your dreams and focusing on your own personal & soulful journey… 
🐠 Taking aligned action & letting your actions speak louder than words… 

Here are the ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards that came through: 
Monday & Tuesday – SOUL – The power of the soul is passion, creativity & intuition. Look into your soul & connect with your higher self…
Wednesday – Friday – WARRIOR QUEEN – The Courage to ‘BEYOU’…
Saturday – Sunday – FOCUS – Your mind is brimming with so many ideas it makes it a challenge to focus…

🌛 New Moon Intention Reset Workbook


So let’s dive in and explore this weeks energy forecast 
This Week’s Overall Theme Is: Renewed Determination


Much Love
Rachael xx
Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher