Weekly Energy Forecast For 31st – 6th August

Wow we are already moving into August. Does this year feel like its speed up or is it me?

These next month becomes an exciting time for you all as we move into a month packed with plenty of Moon action.

This weeks overall theme is to nurture and nourish your soul so that you can share your light from within out into the world.

Your soul is guiding you now to ignite your essence of Hope and be reminded by your younger inner child of all your hopes, dreams, aspirations and promises you made to yourself and how you knew back then that you are unstoppable. That nothing could prevent you from accomplishing anything – anything your heart desired.

Now is the right time to allow yourself to surrender to what you have outgrown and let the light shine on your own magnificence.

For you have already evolved so much this year and you are becoming closer to knowing who you are and what lights up your soul.

Let your soul guide you to your own truth for you.

This Week’s ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Card Reading is:
Monday & Tuesday – Femininity – Tap into your femininity. That goddess energy that is gentle, loving & nurturing. There is a real strength in softness that requires validating.
Wednesday – Friday – Hope – Stars shine so bright they highlight your willpower & determination to reach your goals. Hope aligns with your faith to believe in yourself.
Saturday & Sunday – Inner Child – Your inner child is waiting to connect and share a message with you.

Much Love
Rachael xx