Weekly Energy Forecast For October 16th – 22nd

As we are in the transitional phase between the full moon last week and the new moon this coming Friday the 20th, this period allows for introspection and being reflective from what has come up for you from the full moon ie – thoughts, feelings, emotions, old stories, people, situations and past events.

This weeks overall theme is: Fun, Love & Compassion

As you observe you emotions, be mindful to bring through this weeks theme when being reflective of these delicate times in your life… Asking empowering questions of:

* Do you need to bring my love towards yourself regarding this matter – Love
* Are you being too hard on yourself – Compassion
* Does this situation even align with the person you have become now & could these emotions be best left to surrender too so that you have the space to allow beautiful new things into your world – Fun & Freedom.

This Weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Are:
Monday & Tuesday – Playfulness – Make time for fun & adventure. Playfulness rejuvenates your zest for life.
Wednesday – Friday – Empowerment – Allow yourself to feel vulnerable which will encompass empowerment.
Saturday & Sunday – Femininity – Tap into your femininity. That goddess energy that is gentle, loving & nurturing. There is a real strength in softness that requires validating.

This week is guiding a new perception in which to view things from… A time of asking empowering questions so you can become quiet and reflect what that question really means for you…

Through this reflective timeframe, is a moment to bring through a new lens of love and compassion for yourself and considering does this old situation really match the person you are now…

Only you will know the answer to that question…

Much Love
Rachael xx