Weekly Energy Forecast For September 4th – 10th

This weeks overall theme is: acceptance & believe in your own truth.

You are being called to access your own belief of what is important for you and even if you don’t have all the steps laid out, follow your own guidance and take a leap of faith in yourself.

Your soul is giving you guidance right now and is only asking that you trust in yourself enough to go where your heart lights up and expand to all the possibilities that surround your situation right now.

Your ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Guidance:
Monday & Tuesday –
Warrior Queen – The courage to BE YOU.
Wednesday – Friday – The World – The world is your oyster. Success shall follow.
Saturday & Sunday – Change – Positive change is occurring on a soul level. It is safe for you to come from behind the mask.

For some people they may be finding themselves with one foot in old world and other other foot in new world, where you know there are endless possibilities awaiting you yet fear or self doubt is coming up. If that you, be ok with that. Try not to get into the head funk of old sabotage ways of beating yourself up. Honour and validate where you are and look to how you can strengthen the one foot in new world and before you know it you’ll have both feet in new world.

You have the courage within you to be, have and do anything you can dream of.

Be kind, be true and accept all parts of YOU.

Have an amazing week!

Much Love
Rachael xx