What Are You Doing To Nurture You

You can’t grow if you don’t take care of yourself… And there are a millions gorgeous ways to honour all that you are…

Self care is not about just doing something beautiful for you once in a blue moon or when your exhausted or pissed off… It’s about creating a ritual of self value and self worth daily through random acts of kindness to yourself…

When you give yourself permission to honour your amazingness within this world, your energy vibes increases, you have more joy in your life, you start tuning into the cosmic collective consciousness of continual growth simply through giving to you…

If you don’t take care of you, who will…

Sometimes we think that self-care is about these huge gestures like taking a long soak in the bath surrounded by candles, wine or tea or coffee, gorgeous essential oils and feeling decadent whilst floating off into the abyss… Or buying something lavish you’ve wanted for ages…

And it’s not always the case… Don’t get me wrong the above is fabulous, however doing daily acts of self-care is much more sustainable and one that can be applied easily without taking big chunks of time away from family or life – which you can’t always do..,

So I want to share with you all the simple little things that you can do to nurture your soul & always have your cup filled with love & gratitude…

Here are some suggestions of how you could honour that divine goddess within, today…

✅ Read inspiring/motivational books or videos
✅ Eat healthy nutritional foods 
✅ Drink plenty of H20
✅ Rest & check in with self
✅ Meditate
✅ Do some exercise
✅ Speak nicely to yourself – boost your own confidence
✅ Take some deep breaths to collect your energy
✅ Catch up with girlfriends and laughed your ass off
✅ Have a massage or soak your feet
✅ Paint your nails
✅ Do your hair so you feel amazing
✅ Wear something that makes you ooze with confidence and sexiness
✅ Listen to your favourite music as loud as you want too
✅ Listen to inspiring or motivational videos or podcast
✅ Sit outside under the stars at night and tune into your soul
Sit in silence

There are an abundance of ways to self care you only have to do one thing daily to make sure your taking care of you…

Comment below what you did for YOU today…

Much Love 
Rachael xx
International Psychic & Intuition Teacher