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Successfully SASSY – How To Create Your Own  Online Course

Successfully SASSY is an online course for people who want to leverage their knowledge in a professional business structure that engages an amazing customer learning experience for your clients.

Online learning has become the fastest growing industry and has the abilities to reach a greater audience than ever before. It caters for clients needs of wanting to learn when it is a convenient time for them, but they still want a classroom environment that offers support and guidance as they learn. Not a hey here’s your course and see you later approach.

Creating an online learning platform involves unpacking all your knowledge into a systemised manner that flows consistently. One that takes you clients on a education journey with a specific outcome achieved upon duration of your course.

Providing both offline and online support network for your clients is imperative to their growth. There are plenty of mediums to connect with your clients along their journey to check in with their progress, keep them accountable to their dreams and encourage them to grow into the person they want to be. Inspire your clients to maintain self-belief, promote building lasting relationships with other who are also on their learning journey so they know they are not alone. And lastly share your wisdom and guidance in times of need. We all know studying brings up our fears and we all times need some insight to keep us moving forward through the challenges.

We all learn through different senses, so its important to cover the 4 learning styles of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile when creating your online course.

You are not just creating an online course. You are designing a learning experience that captivates the soul, ignites the spirit and awakens and strengthens clients self-belief knowing you can make dreams come to life. One that educates – inspires – empowers many, now and into the future.

Successfully SASSY online course is a step-by-step guide with 4 main areas of focus:

1. PurposeClarity on your purpose, your why. Design your course outline. Direction on who you are,   what you stand for and how to language your business that showcases what you are all about.

Design a business blueprint that is systemised and automated which has the capacity to expand and grow with you.

2.  Technology – A step-by-step guide to how to set up a private membership that is only available to   people who have purchased your course as a means to protect your knowledge i.e. commercial                 intellectual property. And available resources and tools to get started.

3.  Plan – Understanding the sales process. Gaining new insight on sales that aligns with truth and   integrity.

Gone are the days of being some seedy sales person. Todays is about aligning with clients that love what you have to offer and want to learn your knowledge. Collaborating with people to make sure both yourself and the client are a good match.

4.  Product – Now that you have an amazing online business its time to learn Marketing strategies to     sell your online course. Offline and online strategies to promote your business to your target audience that wants, what you have to offer.

Successfully SASSY is a 90 days course  which enables you to gain clarity, focus and direction of where you want your wellness business to be.


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