5 Steps To Create An Online Course

What You Need To Create An Online Course

The knowledge you have spent years learning and acquiring, you have done so because you want to add more value to your clients experience with you. You where born to teach, guide and mentor and it is your passion. It is not just your job, or what you do, it is apart of who you are. Your wealth of knowledge and desire to share you gift is it what makes you an amazing therapist, because you care for your client’s health and wellbeing and you want to make an impact on other peoples lives, and that is your true deep desire. Creating transformation, being an inspiration and leaving a legacy are your driving force behind what you do. You are in the industry of changing lives, and you do it with ease and grace. Now it time to turn your knowledge into a profitable business that is not limited to time or location.

But how do you do that? Good question. You are talented and gifted at your craft and have spent years learning and becoming an expert in your industry.

But at this point your time is consumed with old school teaching styles of one on one learning and that means you are continually expressing the same content regularly and eventually if this keeps up you will experience burnout. You know you want to reach a bigger audience that is specific to your craft and natural talent with an audience that desires to learn what you have to share.

5 Steps To Create A Sucessfully SASSY  Spiritual Online Business

PREP – gather all your knowledge that you have and lay it out in front you. Or write it all down on a piece of paper, to give you an idea of the wisdom you have. This step is vital to grasp the enormity of just how much knowledge you have.

PURPOSE – get super specific about your niche and target audience that you want to work with. (Please refer to ‘How to nail you Niche’ for more clarity on niche). Think of this, what would be the group of people you would want to work with that ignites your passion that you could teach for the rest of your life.

Now you have gain clarity of your niche, think of what that target audience biggest problem they have. What is there main concern they want to have fixed right now? (Problem) 

PRIORITISE –gather all your knowledge from ‘prep’ section and categorise them into course material that you could make into a 6,8 or 12week course. The focus here with this section is to think of the problem, and what results you can promise to your client. (Solution)

PLAN –learn the art of sales without being salesy. Learn how to lead generate and increase sales which will enable your business to grow and scale. (Sales) 

PRODUCT – this next step is how to set your business up so that it run smoothly right from the start of bringing a client on board, all the way through to the very end. You want your clients to have an amazing learning experience with your product, which is your course that you have built.

Now that you have an amazing courseware product, it is vital to systemize, automate, create processes and have a planned product funnel so that your business can flow easily even if your not there. Because of this, your mindset will become sharpened and know where and what to focus you’re attention on.

Knowing how to market your product so that it can reach the massive audience is imperative to the growth of your business. (Marketing) 

The art of learning each step is crucial to the evolution of your business. Knowledge is your product, which requires sales to filter through your product funnel and marketing your product is essential to getting your message out there to reach your audience.

This means you now have a business built on progression and your business is changing lives.

Educate – Inspire – Empower

R xx