Business Mentoring For Soulful Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to awaken to your full potential and become a successful business owner that wants to be coached and mentored with a holistic approach to business?

As business owners regardless of size, we start out our journey with great dreams, aspirations, and goals in mind and when we are not achieving them as rapidly as we want, it is very easy to start the self –sabotage behaviour of fear & doubt which soon leads down the funnel to despair and for some – giving up altogether on achieving a beautiful dream.

The journey of an entrepreneur is the greatest personal self-discovery you will ever embark upon, that will take you right outside your comfort zone. You will uncover so many wonderful traits you may not have ever known and it will also present you with gaps.

Gaps are areas where we all lack some form of knowledge that is required to build your business and life of your dreams. These gaps present you with the ability to expand your knowledge base and grow into the entrepreneur you know and believe you are capable of.

For some, the identity of these gaps can bring people to their knees of feeling like a failure because of the very high expectation they have for themselves. This is where coaching and mentoring allows you and your business to evolve to a new level of understanding.

A new consciousness is developed when understanding that there is no race in business and we all learn at different stages. If you are judging your business growth to someone else who is already reached a success status, then you will continue to never see your own potential or growth.

Business & Spiritual Mentoring is to educate -inspire-empower you know you can live the life of your dreams. Each session is designed to bring alignment to the whole person. Being mindful of the physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and soul element that contributes to whole self. Assess and identify the gap, build strength to those areas, and consistently transition you towards accomplishing your vision of a balanced life and business you love.

Success in business is more than just strategies, it is about the journey of who you become to make it happen.

In Any Business Or Spiritual Mentoring Session, You’ll Learn How To Achieve  

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Clarity                   Direction                 Action   

Everyone is looking to achieve a more balanced equilibrium within these 4 elements of self – mind, body, spirit & self,  so that you can work in alignment with the flow of life with ease and grace, not push, shove and force mentality which is fear-based.

Through mentoring we go within for there lays the answers on an unconscious level. We work through life on a conscious logical level and now it is time to explore the unconscious conscious level. That means as we quieten the logical conscious thinking process we can delve into where our truth lies and that is in our unconscious conscious level. We know our truth but the bombardment of the noise we may not always access our soul truth so easily.

A mentor helps guide you to unlock your truth within you. Supporting and guiding you through the transition needed to get you to where you need to be. You know the best version of yourself and you may not be operating consistently at that place, yet. Here mentoring offers mental boot camp as per say.

When you decide a mentor is for you, you are ready to overcome obstacles that are creating roadblocks in your path, do the necessary work so that you can and will have it all. Are you ready now to live this life you have dreamt about?

Business & Soul Sessions Will: 

Achieve Clarity – explore the next best step for you. Align with your authentic expression of your purpose & passion. Remove any blocks that prevent you from being Unashamdely You. Empowering you to speak your truth and radiate your self-confidence and self-belief in your vision and self.

Focussed Direction – creating a blueprint of a focussed direction enables you to know where to expel your energy & connect in with your intuition to achieve better results effectively & efficiently as opposed to scattered energy where there is very little to show for your huge amounts of time.

For a long time now, especially ladies have a million things on the go at once, but this engagement means nothing is accomplished to its full potential. One focussed direction means your energy is channeled towards your passion & purpose.

Actionable steps – once you have gained clarity about you & your business, planned out what direction to focus your attention to, then next step to create the action. Implementation is where the belief becomes reinforced through doing. We think about an idea, plan out how to execute you MUST apply action to establish new empowered thought processes about our own capabilities. It is through action that you know you are making a progressive movement towards having it all. A life and business you love and allows you the freedom to explore more possibilities.

Dreams don’t come true without YOU.

Actionable steps are applied to the whole self. Your business may be taking leaps and bounds but your mindset requires improving whilst tapping into your moment valuable asset –  being your intuition. Action steps are applicable to the 4 aspects of self. Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit.

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SASSY Start Up Soulful Entrepreneurs TMO – Target – Market – Offer & Soulful Business Plan 
#3 Soul Mentoring Sessions Was $1.5K NOW $899 USD
Payment Plans Available: email: for more information.

It is vital within your business and self to know  YOU, your Target Audience, Market Message, and Your Offer/services with absolute clarity and conviction to enable direction with confidence. Within these sessions, you will also access your 3 power words intended to unlock your unconscious truth.

The profound benefits of aligning with your 3 power words are, it governs how you market and present your business and self. They are a source of inspiration and accountability that keep you focused on what truly is important for your professional pathway.

This package will provide you value to both your business and personally. This investment offers a business blueprint designed, planned, and mapped out to achieve a solid foundation in your business.

A business with a solid foundation has the ability to scale and expand as you do. You want to have a business with a clear vision of how to achieve business success from the very beginning.

Ignite Your Business & Life 
#6 Soul Mentoring Sessions  Was $2.5K NOW $1700 USD
Payment Plans Available: email: for more information.

Business is an extension of self-reflection that helps you know your problems, solution, fears, and dreams. For your business to expand we need to discover YOU. For you are the business. When you encounter obstructions in your business, it is actually providing you with the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop areas of self that may have been pushed aside whilst you got on with business. Now the unconscious is offering you to surrender and release what no longer serves you and your bigger picture so then you can create a more congruent life balance.

These sessions we look to the core issue of what really is playing out for you, which will gain insight into your learning. As humans, we want to know the answers to why what and how. Why is this happening, what can I do to improve this situation and how can I move forward.

Simplicity is the key. You can choose to get stuck in frustration and overwhelm or decide that you want to move forward with a more improved perspective that gives you permission to live life on your terms.

Ignition sessions will propel your business and life flow.


Hannah Dalby – Savage Marketing


I first found Rachael when I was training hard in Martial Art, as a masseuse, every week she did incredible things to heal my body, but also saw past that and pushed me and helped me to heal some old wounds.

She gave me insight into myself that I couldn’t even see, and gave me tools to actually begin healing. Something I’d been lying to myself for years about already doing.

I went back to her as a Business Coach, which I had immediate, unbelievable results from, and literally couldn’t shut up about how amazing she was and “why didn’t I call her earlier!”

It’s not just massage, or business or life coaching though, she coaches your soul. Getting to the core of where you need help. She won’t let you tell her bullshit you use as excuses, so if you want to change, be real, honest, and have lasting change, this is the chick for you. I can never thank her enough.

She is worth every dollar I’ve ever spent with her. In a single sentence. “An inspiration and guaranteed catalyst for positive change!”

Sharon White – Global Healing Exchange 

I spent some time working with Rachael and she changed the way I looked at marketing. My brain does not do detail very well and she helped give me some structure and guidelines to follow that saved me HEAPS of time and has made my marketing more effective.

I have worked with marketing people in the past who did not empower me with the knowledge Rachael gave me.

I have structure and templates to follow that I now feel I can take away and use myself. Marketing is no longer the big puzzle I thought it was.

She helped me to unravel a tangled mess to make my message clear for my community and myself to understand.

Thank you so much Rachael you gave me so much more than I could have imagined. I would recommend you to anyone I know in a heartbeat.