How To Increase Your Sales

 Do you feel like a sale is like being Seedy sales person or not? Begin with the end in mind.

 Are you someone who thinks of sales and conjures up an image of some seedy sales person, like the door-to-door vacuum man of years past or the car sales person who walks around after you telling you everything about the car you don’t even know you want? This has become the mindset for many around sales or selling.

Sales is very much apart of business and one that few people like executing due to the fear they will be seen or linked to some seedy sales person. Lets look at psychology behind this thought and how if you continue this line of thinking what will the impact be to your business.

Currently you equate sales to something seedy and you want to stay as far away from that assumption as possible for both yourself & your business – right? What will happen if you don’t overcome this fear based old conditioning thought process.

From a business perspective, that one decision will have a massive impact to over half your business. Because sales and marketing go hand in hand. One cannot function effectively or efficiently without each other. With out sales you have no business.


Create a paradigm shift

A paradigm shift is like the ‘aha’ moment where one piece of information takes on a new meaning and therefore gains a different interpretation.

What if you where to reframe that one fear based thought and took a different mindset approach to sales?

What if you where to see sales as having a conversation with the right person who matches your product? So then the concept would be a sales conversation would be sharing information and the buyer making a decision to know if it matched their current need. Making the buyer part of the sales process. Like two pieces of a puzzle coming together as a great fit for each other. 

Here is a classic example of a sales process:

As a therapist for over 20 years, they’re where conversations with numerous clients and people in general about physical/mental or spiritual aliments they had. We would discuss what was the problem, what were cause and the benefits of a massage/healing etc. and once they knew that I understood their problem and they discovered the solution they booked in straight away. People want to know if you can be their solution to their current problem. A match as per say. And in some cases referring to someone else was what was best solution for that person which left the client to knowing you had integrity.

Now this never once felt like a sales process, it was simply helping a person with what could fix their problem but they always where the deciding factor of whether they came for a treatment or not. Not me forcing them like a seedy sales person pushing a product or service onto them.

 A true sales person is a heart centered passionate person who backs their product or service. Who has the client first in their mindset, making sure that the person they are chatting with first, is interested and a match for their product/service. These people back themselves and come from an authentic space of genuine care.


Now ‘begin with the end in mind’

You can choose to continue your thinking about being a seedy sales person which is ok or choose to the think begin with the end in mind’. Meaning, first think of why you are backing your product or service and what was it that drew you to invest your time and energy into it. 

Now going back to my earlier example as a therapist I backed my product and service because I knew it worked because the investment a tonne of time and energy went into education and then practicing this skillset to know it gave results. Secondly the main reason behind the education was the deep desire to help others live a pain free life on an emotional/mental, physical and spiritual level. When people are pain free this impacts all areas of their life as primarily stress is reduced and the anxiety decreases.

Taking one-step back again to begin with the end in mind comes back to the core principles of the why, which is to ‘educate, impact & transformation’ will enable people to feel empowered again. And that was an inspiration to know that your product or service is apart of changing people’s lives.

When you drop down from being stuck in your head with all the what if’s floating around and connect to your heart center, the sales conversation will come from your core principles. 

And when begin with the end in mind comes first, clients know that helping them came from a true authentic space that was expressed passionately which has integrity.


Win/Win situation

Now does the image of seedy sales person come to your consciousness now when thinking of a sales conversation or rather a connection with two people? One that has a product/service that the others needs and collectively they work together to achieve a goal for each other making it a win/win situation for both?

What benefits would your business have if you can have a shift in perception? How do you think you could implement this new paradigm shift into your sales conversation now knowing that sales can be about changing people’s lives?

Remember always begin with the end in mind first.

R ♥♥