Clarity & Confirmation With Your Intuition

7 Day Daily 'BEYOU' Oracle Card Spread

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The 'BEYOU' Daily Oracle Spread is designed to gain clarity with your card reading and confirm any intuitive information you may have received through the use if signs, synchronicity, and through your 'clair' senses.

This singular spread will reveal messages your soul is vying to get your attention with. Here, you can go within and explore on a deeper level what your card means for you.

You will be able to delve deeper into learning & understanding yourself on a whole new dimension, unlocking aspect of self that enhance your ability to 'TRUST' the intuitive information flow through you.

What Is Invoked By Your Daily Card Spread:

Think Holistically - What Comes For You On A:

1. Physical Sensation
2. Mental/Emotional Level
3. Spiritual Awareness
4. Soul Aspect

Remember follow your own intuition as it is a soul communication coming through to guide you for what is right for you.

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