Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You

The quality of your thougths, determines the outcome of your life

 Your life, thoughts, feelings, emotions, events, in fact every aspect of your life is governed by what you choose to think. What we think about will determine how we feel that will impact where we focus out attention, which will determine how we act. So in short, our thoughts determine our behaviors, attitudes and actions.

Today can be the day you take back ownership for your life, no matter where it now. Change will happen when you make incredible decisions.Just think about decisions you make every single day. Do those decisions bring your closer to being the very best you that align with your dreams, desires and goals? Or do they keep you stuck in a rut wishing hoping and dreaming of a better life.

These quick 5 questions below will help govern where you current are. Now before you begin, close your eyes and take a deep breath that will bring you back to your core heart center. When you open your eyes quick read over the first 2 questions and go with the very first answer that stand out for you. Let this be an unconscious conscious choice.


What emotions you experience the most throughout your day? Which you feel consistently?

Fear                    Blame                Self indulgence             Overwhelmed/worry             Happiness

Etc. the list of emotions is endless! But I’m sure you are aware of where your emotions consistently sit daily. Is this where you want to consciously stay within these thoughts or are you ready to change, live that life you envisioned for yourself? Now the awesome decision making strategy begins.


Where do you need to live to create lasting change in your thinking – would it be?

Fun               Passion              Honesty               Truth             Playful            Love          Curious        Courage

Now ask ” how would you feel to be ………… Eg. Curious about life.” To look at life with a different perspective. Remember don’t play small – learn to be uncomfortable with this new view as your not yet accustomed to it yet.


How do you change your thinking?

It all starts with your self-talk. Reframe and refocus your thoughts to what you want to experience not what you don’t want. Start to be consciously aware of your thoughts and take ownership for your thoughts. No judgments. Be a bystander to your thoughts and when you become aware of a negative thought, stop yourself, place that negative talk /thought inside a balloon and send it on its way without mentally beating yourself up over it. Be patient with this stage as you have had some of this negative self-talk for so many years and will take a little time to create new lasting empowering thoughts.

So after sending your thought away, reframe and refocus your thoughts to something more empowering, something that ignites your soul and uplifts your spirit. That positive self talks that naturally brings a beautiful smile to your face and radiates an energy that vibrates self-love. Create a mantra daily that is positive can be very effective here too and can be used to refocus and reframe your thinking instantly. Decide that you will become your ‘thought warrior’. That warrior that takes owners for all of their life and will work diligently to walk this earth with integrity, strength, courage, self belief and self love for self and all mankind.

Mantras repeated consistently throughout the day will increase new neurological lines from the mind, to the body and spirit. Learn to become your own best friend and treat yourself awesomely.


What can you ACT on?

Changing your language will reinforce positive new behaviors, attitudes and actions. Respond to only quality ideas

Your world will respond and vibrate a renewed energy from positive thinking, which will reflect back to you what you are putting out there. Utilize this as a guide.


What will you do today to help create your ideal tomorrow?

Action…. Make a decision on what action you will undertake to start moving you towards to your dreams, desires and goals. Make a promise to honor your purpose.


You must claim your life first before you can ever live your potential. Make that decision NOW! Act upon this with the purest intentions and REMEMBER:
It’s simple not easy.
If it were easy everyone would do it! Be the change you wish to see in this world.


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