Interview with Australia’s Famous Flower Man David Laws

David Laws is Australia’s Famous Flower Man. David is one of 4 people in the world who does flower readings full time as his profession.

He is a charming, very funny and beautiful soul, who brings a dynamic energy to his readings and connection with source. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and brings forth a wealth of knowledge.

David is passionate about sharing his message and gift with many.

His beginning into flower readings all started with this beautiful lady named Denise. She had heard about a young guy who was doing readings that she booked into see and received a reading. After her reading she mentioned to him that he would no longer read this way in the future. David initially thought she was making fun of him. She mentioned he would read with the medium of flowers. Something he had never heard of and thought she was all kinds of crazy.

What David would go onto to discover was this lady would pave his journey of flower readings. Denise was a trans medium that was a quintessential true occa Australian lady who had 3 loves spirituality, Winfield ciggies and tic tacs. She broke all the rules on what you would consider to be spiritual but as David says “ she was a truly gifted woman whose wealth of knowledge was impeccable and she had the biggest heart!” She ran a spiritual group every Tuesday that David went along to and there he developed his skill that he delightfully shares today.

David’s spiritual awakening came through one of his darkest moments 7 years ago. Through his divorce and coming out as a gay man his whole world shattered and also at this time his business was greatly affected by the GFC and there they lost the business, homes, cars and he felt like spirit had stripped away everything. His materials possessions gone, his wife and daughter moved away and there he was left with a few clothes and a borrowed car. Through his depths of crying and depression he began to ponder what to do and where to begin to rebuild his life.

Spirit showed a message of a candle on a cake that said “keep your eye on the flame it will soon turn into a bushfire.” David expressed he felt like something came down and took all his fear and worries away. From there he felt happiness again.

Within a couple of days David had calls come in and there he began his journey as Australia’s famous Flower Man. He has worked with Golden doors Retreat that then turned into The Biggest Loser Retreat. From there, he now travels the country sharing his beautiful gifts and truly living a life he loves.

His story is filled with so much humor, truth of how is journey began and shares his great insight of have trust and faith in what the universe has install for you.

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Don’t miss on seeing David Laws, Famous Flower Man at one of his upcoming events.

Tuesday 27 October • Champagne & Flower Night at David’s apartment • Surfers Paradise •

 • Saturday 31 October • Dinner with Spirit “Halloween Special” • Mt Tamborine •

Friday 6 November • Evening with Spirit • Brisbane South •

Sunday 22 November • High Tea with Spirit “Christmas Special” • Woodlands of Marburg •

Tuesday 15 December • Champagne & Flower Night ‘Christmas Special’ at David’s apartment • Surfers Paradise •


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