Interview with Lola Berry


lola I first heard Lola Berry at ‘Run the World’    conference.  I had booked into going to the  conference knowing there would be 5 amazing guest  speaker, all of which I knew not a single one.

 As each speaker came to the stage they spoke openly  and honestly about their journey to success. Their  trails, tribulations and yes of course there many  failures. Each speaker brought a real truth to the  stage that day and it was so refreshing to hear.

 Then Lola came to the stage. What a presence she  brought. A nutritionist, author and speaker, who had  been on  many  tv shows, radio, magazines and  released her  new book ‘The Happy Cookbook’, she  was  bubbly, funny, honest, beautiful, quirky  and had  a  real  spunk  about her.

 Within only a short few moments of her speaking I  became so  captivated by her story that I was sitting  on the edge  on my seat. This beautiful being stood on  the stage  and opened her soul to share her story, so that others  knew of her failures, what she went through, her  challenges, her adventures but it was her conviction  of being true to yourself, that brought tears to my eyes. It was like she was talking to my soul about not giving up, believe in yourself, trust yourself, surround yourself with amazing people who understand you and champion you along your journey. I was so inspired by this lady. Of course she also had the audience in tears of laughter as well. I remember thinking what a real inspiration she was because she was so authentic. Have you ever experienced a moment in time where you hear a song and feels like the words are been sung to you, to the heart and soul of who you is been given a message of faith and hope, well that was how I felt when listening so intently to Lola’s message.

For a sometime now I had thought, I really want to met amazingly inspiring women who where authentic and true to themselves, passionate and knew they had a purpose and that they where following there passion, that I could interview so other women who where entrepreneurs out there travelling there path could be inspired and know that they aren’t alone. I didn’t know how this was going to happen but always kept that in the back of my mind.

After sitting on the edge on my seat, with moments of laughter and tears, I knew I had to meet this lady. Then in the break I randomly thought, hey why not ask her for an interview that would be cool for others to experience what I just had. Yeah why not I thought. I stood patiently in line thinking I would ask if she could or would even consider an interview with a chick she never met. I can tell you, I nearly walked away because every fear surfaced of, who am I to ask this successfully inspiring women for an interview, to, knowing I had no interviewing skills with the knowledge of how nervous I get when speaking with new people, every negative thought about my lack of, entered my conscious reality right in that moment. Then I thought, what if she did say yes, and that very thought kept me in the line and drew enough courage to ask. Without a hesitation Lola said yes. My heart started to race and she said to email her tomorrow and set up a time. On Monday the 1st June I had the privledge of a phone interview with Lola.

A real excitement grew with the prospect of  spreading this message of hope and faith with all the courageous women out there following their dreams. The pursuit towards your mission means apart of your soul is invested in your journey because you know that, whatever your purpose is, it must be completed. You know you are here living this life for a much bigger reason than just for yourself. All parts of self are at many times challenged and stripped away as you continue the pathway to your dreams. It can at times be a very lonely road, so when you need a little support, you can always replay Lolas message and remember to believe in youself. So for all you beautiful souls out there following your dreams, take the time to listen to Lola’s message, it will speak to your soul.

PS. My interview skills are work in progress but bypass my lack of skills and only focus on Lola’s message she has for you….ENJOY…


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