Interview with Peter Williams Psychic Medium

A year ago I went along with some friends to an event called the ”Three Mediums and Spirit” where Peter Williams and 2 ladies where the hosts. As always like anyone going to an event like that, you always hope you will be called up for a reading, but really in the back of your mind you know everyone there is asking for the same thing. But much to my surprise I was the first person called up. I remember being so excited and nervous all at the same.

As the reading progressed along Peter touched on many things that where happening in my life at that point and gave me a lot of clarity around decisions I had been thinking about. I remember thinking to myself, I admire his level of professionalism and passion to connect with as many people as possible to give messages to each participant there.

As a therapist within this industry I recognized that desire to connect with people on a level that connects in with their soul and more.

Throughout the evening I watched as others members of the audience whom had been selected for a reading felt that sense of contentedness they received from the messages given.

As I watched Peter work his magic, what he brought to the crowd was a sense of realism, a real honesty, passion and a person living their purpose to inspire, educate and most importantly empower others.

And today I have been privileged to connect and interview Peter Williams.

Peter Williams is a psychic medium (a psychic medium is as we laughed about in the interview meeting, is someone who sees dead people) that first commenced his journey into spirituality at the tender age of 14 exploring anything new- age or spiritual.

By the age of 17 Peter met is first mentor whom opened the door for him to reach a new level of understanding about himself and his gifts. Then in 2012 there Peter would go onto find another mentor in Lisa Williams, as he was one of 28 people selected from hundreds to complete and pass her Advanced Mediumship Course and be one of her preferred readers, which is a massive compliment.

Today Peter is the owner of Soul Point Holistic on the Gold Coast, continues to run Three Mediums and Spirit Events and has began a new adventure of Soul Point Radio on which is a interactive webinar that guest can communicate with the therapist on the night.

Before the interview began we spoke openly about spirituality, the myths and perceptions about spirituality, being a psychic medium, our passion and purpose.

What captured me with Peter was his responsibility to his craft and spirit. Knowing that is work has an amazing and positive impact on people lives and that he continues to share is wisdom with others.

His passion is to connect with people on a deeper level and through educating others, this leads to a fulfillment of empowerment which is again expressed through soul point radio. A platform to connect, share knowledge and inspire his audience to connect with their passion and gain valuable knowledge of a variety of topics.

Through his own personal journey, this has led Peter to help nurture and educate our younger generation particularly young boys to work with their gifts so they don’t have to feel isolated. As Peter still remembers his early days of feeling alone without anyone to discuss what he was experiencing and how he didn’t want other young boys to feel that way.

His commitment to his industry is an inspirational in itself. The honesty that he brings throughout the interview is beautiful. There is a real truth of his experiences and the journey of a psychic medium that he openly shares throughout the interview which in very refreshing.

Through truth we all learn, grow and develop.


Rachael xx


Please find links below to connect with Peter and book readings, find out about upcoming events and his new Soul Point Radio adventure.

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Interview With Peter Williams Psychic Medium