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Life can be fast paced and extremely busy. Which doesn’t always allow the space for communication from your soul to be seen, heard, felt or know.

The logical mind is always searching for answers, which we do by looking externally from ourselves as we have not all been taught how to access that valuable information of our intuition.

Intuition is a muscle that unless used frequently, it becomes weaker. So we continue to search externally.

The vast majority of people know they have intuition, yet fail to recognize that it is skill that requires developing – just like any other skill. Which means, what I like to call CPR – Consistent, Persistence & Repetition to embed this skills into the unconscious aspect of our mind where you can connect with your intuition effortless and trust it.

So instead they continue doing what they have always done and that is search for the answers from a logical point or look outside of themselves for the answers. Trying to think a solution and bypassing they key element of intuition.

This causes so much internal conflict within as the soul is conveying messages to you regularly that offers guidance and support along your journey.

The time is NOW to connect within self to the most import resources available to you and that’s YOU – soul & intuition.

How To Improve Your Intuition With The Intuition Alignment Online Course



...Without this online course, your lack of clarity & direction will detrimentally effect your self - confidence & trust with self, leaving you plagued with doubt and procrastinating on your dreams, goals & life purpose...

Are you tired of not trusting your intuition and feeling that inner turmoil within?


You know, those moments where your:


  • Not sure if the information you hear in your mind is you or your intuition.
  • You feel like your path is unclear, so you don’t do anything and procrastinate.
  • Your scared of using your intuition, but even more scared if you don’t.
  • You struggle to believe in yourself and your intuition and let
  • Fear and insecurities hold you back from following the guidance you receive because
  • You worry that other people may think you're weird

I Want To Share With You A Myth Buster That Will Literally Change Your Life.

Just Having Intuition Is Not Going To Change Your Life The Way You Think It May.


These are the things within your world that will NEVER change, no matter how advanced your skills are:



  • If someone hurts you, it will still cause pain.
  • If you cut yourself, you will still bleed.
  • Knowing insight of a family/friends without being able to help - torments you.
  • Your own personal/soulful journey will still have obstacles.
  • Trusting your intuition comes with trail & error - so sometimes you will get it wrong and thats ok.

Your probably wondering why I just wrote the above mentioned and that is because there are still so many myths and perceptions that people have that are really unhealthy and are some of the many causes for lack of self-belief & I want to change that for your right NOW!



What Intuition Will Do For Your Life!


  • Offer guidance on HOW to deal with any obstacles.
  • Confidently make decisions that align with you.
  • Provide clarity & direction in your life.
  • Dramatically improve your self-belief, self-worth & self-value.
  • Literally transform your whole entire life.

And most importantly: YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS JOURNEY ALONE...


There will be continued support from Rachael Thompson Phillips & other like minded people exploring their intuition too...


Revealed: The Single Biggest Problem Holding Your Back From Living In Alignment With Your Intuition


The single biggest #1 problem is worrying about what others will think of you and considering if you're weird... Yet something within you can no longer hide anymore & you just want to break through the fears holding you back and step into your uniqueness...

The time is now if you want to listen to that inner voice reminding you that there is something deeper within you that wants to be explored so you can become that healer, oracle reader or use your psychic intuitive skills in your life & business...

This is why you need the Intuition Alignment Online Course...


Intuition Alignment Online Course

New: How you can start connecting and embrace intuition today with my online course.

Get ready to start learning an array of ways to tap into your intuition today.

I have created an easy to follow transformative programme for you to start enhancing your trust & intuitive guidance effortlessly.

It is a course like no one has seen before. An array of 12 weeks, that will have you trusting your intuition and be in alignedment with your soul truth in every area of your life.



 Here Is My Own Personal Story Of Intuition Transformation...

Back in 2001 I was involved in a high speed boat accident that changed my life forever, I was thrown out of a speed boat at 80MPH and had a Near Death Experience (NDE).

All this occurred simply because I didn't listen to my intuition.

I was left emotional and spiritual broken for 9 months. I emotionally beat myself up daily, for failing to follow the guidance of my intuition, that had never failed me before.

Things hit rock bottom when suicide became a real option for me. I had lost all trust within and my self confidence plummeted to an all time low.

One day, enough was enough and I couldn't take this emotional torment anymore and remembered the promise I made to myself if I survived the boat accident which was " I would live my purpose, what I knew I was put on this earth to do."

You see I played a small game before the accident. I didn't share with anyone what I knew intuitively & psychically for fear of judgement and also what if I was wrong.

I also worried I didn't fit into the stereo typical type of a psychic.

Yet despite my circumstances I asked myself "why had I not followed this intuitive guidance."And it all stemmed back to not knowing the how and why it worked.

That was the turning point for me. I decided right there and then that I had to find the answers to these questions.

I spent the next 5 plus years learning everything I could about intuition from a physical, mental/emotional, soul/spiritual aspect. To this day I still am a continued student learning more and more. It has become my quest to know all I can.


I trialled everything I learnt on myself first, and the results where shocking...

From anxiety, depression, agoraphobia (fear of being outside), no trust and broken self confidence to running a successful spiritual 6 figure business working with 1000's of clients achieving the same exact results I did.

Over several years I discovered just how many other people wanted to learn about their intuition too.

So 2 years ago, intuitively I was guided to close my business and go online. You see, my promise was also my purpose and that was to help others through the knowledge I had learnt that transformed there lives too and having a service based business wasn't fulfilling that anymore.

I could only see one person at a time and intuitively I was guided to reach and help more. Online was the way to reach masses of people globally, so off I set into a new industry with no tech skills what so ever.

Now 2 years on,I continue to follow my intuition and I work with people all over the world sharing this intuitive knowledge with more people than I could of ever dreamed of.



Following my intuition has lead me in 2 years to become:

* Founder of  two online course: Intuition Alignment Online Course & Successfully SASSY

* Founder of 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards

* Coach/Mentor other spiritual based service based business owners

* Appearing on multiple podcasts shows

* Regularly guest appear on a variety of radio shows that broadcast globally

Within the Intuition Alignment Online Course I have created a course with all the knowledge I have trialled and tested with 1000's of people of what has worked to trust your intuition and boost your self confidence. 


And today, I want to share this with you too!






Intuition Alignment is an online course that will allow you to immediately activate your intuition and unlock all your dormant inner abilities.

Intuition is that internal voice of your soul that guides, supports and offers wisdom along your personal & spiritual journey to self- discovery. It is natural born gift that is an integral part of understanding who you are.

Are you wanting to connect with your intuition to awaken your true core essence of self?  That place within that accesses your personal power, that deep self-knowing feeling that aligns you with your purpose?

 Intuition Alignment - In This Course You’ll...
* Learn How To Tap Into The Immense Natural Power Of Your Intuition
* To Make Better Decisions In Every Area In Your Life
* Manifest New Possibilities
* Trust In The Information that Comes Through For You
* Know How To Interpret The Intuitive Guidance
* To Live A Life Aligned With Yourself & Your Intuition

All By Trusting Your Inner Voice - YOU!

Make A Decision Today That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Open The Gateway To Your Intuition!



Introducing: The Intuition Alignment Online Course

The Complete Guide To Kickstart Your Intuition
Develop Your Trust & Learn About YOU!!!

Intuition Alignment is made up of:
Weekly Content That Is EASY To Implement Immediately Into Every Area Of Your Life.

Designed to Cover Everything You Will Need To Trust Your Intuition

This Is Only A Small Amount Of What You Get Inside Intuition Alignment






 Connect To Your 'Soul Self' & Develop A Deeper Understanding Of YOU!


Our awareness to intuition allows us access that place where we remember who we are, our core essence.


Extra Bonuses Material


  • Weekly Group Webinars
  • One On One Coaching Session With Rachael Thompson Phillips
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Support With Other Like Minded People
  • 'BEYOU' Oracle Card Deck - FREE


And Amazing Journals/Workbooks/Checklist for Your Learning Journey Too


Journals / Workbooks / Checklist
Each lesson offers an insight journal to enhance your learning experience and particularly for visual students to have content you can have available you can see to deepen the connect to the content.


Here's What To Do To ENROL Now!

If you would like to experience the proven skillset of INTUITION for yourself, just click either the 'Payment' or 'Pay In Full' and complete all the details.

You'll receive instant access to the whole Intuition Alignment Online Course Programme, that is beautifully set out in a private members only area. So you can start immediately.

I promise this course will change your life forever. You will not be the same person that you started out as and the transformation will be amazing.

It doesn't matter if you want to use your intuition for personal or in a professional manner - the Intuition Alignment Online Course is the key trusting yourself on so many levels that can be utilised in every area of your life.

Give it a try today! Make yourself a priority this year and follow your dreams that have simply been waiting for this very moment for you to commit to your intuition.

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