Let Your Intuition Guide You

Your intuition is a like a detective scoping out what is right for you and sends an alarm bell when something is off.

These alarm bells vary depending on the ‘clair’ sense that is triggered. Each clair sense activates a physiological or body response. Here are the main clair sense:

Clairvoyant is ‘clear vision’  – you see & receive messages through images and repetitive things you see, almost like synchronicity visually.

Clairaudient is ‘clear hearing’ – so may notice a ringing in your ear, a voice, music, as an indicator of your messages.

Clearsentience is ‘clear feeling’ – you will feel a change in your body somewhere that doesn’t feel right, like a gut instinct. So you feel intuitive messages from within about people, situations & places etc.

Claircognizance is ‘clear knowing’ – you know something to be true or right but you have no idea why you know. So this intuitive message relies heavily on trust.

You may use one or many of these senses. How these intuitive sense will guide you in both life and business especially when making decision.

Have you ever had a moment when you have thought about a decision and went against your feelings, only to end up regretting the choice you made? As humans we tend to use the logical mind to govern how we make decision and negate to feel into any decision.

When you consider making decision, your intuition will kick in through each of the clair sense being – visual images, hearing, feeling or knowing to provide guidance on what is best for you. Yet if you only use the logical mind, we can miss some very important messages that are continually being sent.

Every decision will offer both an option A and option B. So lets see how can you integrate both the logical mind and intuitive guidance into your decision making process:

#1 Take a decision from within your mind as a thought and drop those choices A down into your heart and just breathe.

#2 Ask the question “How do I feel about option A” and just sit with it for a moment.

#3 Then ask the same question using option B and again wait to see if there is any physiological response that comes through.

#4 If there is a physiological response that sends an alarm bell off for you then what you do next will determine your outcome.

You can choose to bypass how you feel and go with your thinking and hope everything turns out amazing for you or you can trust that the intuitive message/guidance knows what is right for you. Even if you don’t always understand why immediately.

Remember, everything begins & ends with the decisions & choices we make everyday.

“Trust your instincts, intuition never lies” Oprah Winfrey