Weekly Energy Forecast For October 9th – 15th

This weeks overall theme is: decide if you want to take the hard road or the smooth road to achieve your dreams.

This week present the real ability to know that you can achieve all that your consciousness has been showing your within your minds eye. There is a deep inner knowing that your time to make dreams a reality is now.

You know all it will take is just one foot in front of the other and follow the signs your soul is guiding you too and all your dreams will manifest into reality.

This weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards are:
Monday & Tuesday – The World – The world is your oyster. Success shall follow.
Wednesday – Friday – Clairvoyant – Your intuition comes through visual signs. Connect with your third eye to harness this ‘clair’ sense.
Saturday & Sunday – Playfulness – Make time for fun & adventure. Playfulness rejuvenates your zest for life.

Time to break the mould of the should do’s & must do’s that we as adults inflict upon ourselves and bring through an element of fun and joyful energy into your world right now.

Your soul is wanting to shake things up a bit and wants the journey of making your dreams, one that is filled with fun and laughter so that you reach your dreams feeling elated and energised so you can truly enjoy the the journey and build new beliefs around achieving goals…

The choice is yours! How do you want to experience your dreams? You decide…

Much Love
Rachael xx