Weekly Energy Forecast For The 21st – 27th August

The this weeks we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse which is Monday the 21st, that invites you to obtain clarity around what do you want to achieve? What is your dreams/goals/desires? Because the moment you know what you want, the easier it is to go after it.

The overall energy theme for this week is: Decide & Commit to I CAN & I WILL. This mantra will open a new channel of communication with self that will create new empowering beliefs and disassociate from old stories, barriers or resistance that once was your perception filter for your world. For there is nothing stopping or preventing you from living your dreams.

That lion/lioness within you is coming to the surface to encourage you to commit to what is important to you and honour your own truth. Your self belief is increasing bringing through a renewed sexy & sassy attitude.

You will have a toolbox of resources to support you whilst going after your dreams, so use them when you are met with resistance and give yourself the greatest gift of all – HOPE. Remember resistance is an incredibly amazing indication that you are at a defining moment of change. You are breaking through barriers that where once obstacles, now are stepping stones to greatness.

This week when conversing with the cards, I asked “What can we do to access our own self belief?” Below are the answers to this questions.

This Weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Are:
Monday – Tuesday – Playfulness – Make time for fun & adventure. Playfulness rejuvenates your zest for life.
Wednesday – Friday – Pieces of The Puzzle – This card is to honour the journey you have been on. All the pieces of the puzzle are drawing near, so don’t quit yet!
Saturday – Sunday – Hope – Stars shine so bright they highlight your willpower & determination to reach all your goals. Hope aligns you with faith to believe in yourself.

The world needs you right now, for you are amazing, awesome and unstoppable.

Much Love
Rachael xx