Weekly Energy Forecast For The 7th – 13th August

This weeks overall theme is to ‘Be Brave, Be Bold, BE YOU.’

With so many planetary movement occurring and the full luna moon too, there is a beautiful switch of energy highlighting your true magnificence and to go courageously in the direction of what sets your soul on fire.

A time for bringing awareness to the emotions at a core level that are surfacing BUT shift focus and become empowered by what and how you navigate with them.

You are here within this world to share and express your passions and what really ignites your soul and tiny little ideas & concepts are dropping into your conscious mind revealing your purpose to you now.

You only role is to take the leap of faith in yourself and follow the guidance that is being revealed to you.

This Weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Are:
Monday – Tuesday – Playfulness – Make time for fun & adventure. Playfulness rejuvenates your zest for life.
Wednesday – Friday – Pathways – Follow the intuitive guidance that leads you to the pathway of happiness.
Saturday – Sunday – Abundance – As you follow your guidance, abundance awaits you. There is a plentiful supply of abundance in the world for us all to receive.

Have an incredibly awesome week and take notice of the intuitive guidance that is coming through for you as it is a soul message revealing your next step in your journey.​

Much Love
Rachael xx