Hey there gorgeous,

Today I woke and thought - lets get crazy & do a 24 HOURS FLASH SALE today for all you gorgeous souls!!!

And as you've arrived at this page today than you're ready to shower yourself gifts that YOU want... Or have been secretly wanted to purcahse one of these products or services and hesitated or was unable to before...

Well today is your day gorgeous!!! Woohoo!!!

So I've packaged up all my best sellers just for YOU!!!

For the next - 24 HOURS ONLY - these gifts are on offer just for you...

There is the Energy Healing Session, 30, 45 & 60 min Psychic Readings & The 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards for you to choose from... Or go crazy & grab all 3!!!


This sale is for a limited time only... From Tuesday 14th Septemeber from @11:11am - Wednesday 15th Septemeber @11:11am...

A great spiritual & soulful gift for yourself or someone else you want to surprise with a gift!!!

...So hurry & don't wait to long or the FLASH SALE WILL BE GONE!!!

Much Love
Rachael xx
Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher

Energy Healing Session

Do you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from shining your soveriegnty?

Or tired of feeling revisiting old fears, doubts, old stories, patterns, cycles or behaviours that you're ready to surrender too & finally close the chapter on that experience|past pain?

Then these energy healing session are for you!!!


* 1.5 hour session that will be recorded & sent to you, so you can have the replay to listen back over as we tend to forget things...
* Coaching/mentoring to help you discover how to break the cycle that created the energy blocks...
* Action steps providing guidance on how to continue the healing after the session...


Energy Healing SessionBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $250 NOW $150

Book Your Psychic Reading Here

Are you wanting clarity, confirmation or simply curious to see what your soul is wanting to reveal to you...

Then a reading will be perfect for you!!!

Book Your 1 Hr ReadingBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $150 NOW $112.50

Book Your 45 Min ReadingBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $120 NOW $90

Book Your 30 Min ReadingBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $80 NOW $60

'BEYOU' Oracle Cards

'BEYOU' Oracle Cards AustrailaBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $50 NOW $37.50 + Postage

'BEYOU' Oracle Cards InternationalBLACK FRIDAY SALE NORMALLY $50 NOW $37.50 + Postage

RACHAEL THOMPSON PHILLIPS  Is the Founder of 'Sacred Oracle Online Course, & The 'BEYOU' Oracle Cards.

Rachael is an International Psychic, Intuition/Spiritual Teacher, Reiki/Crystal Healer, Remedial Massage Therapist, Coach/Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Holistic Counselor, Body Intuitive, Trainer/Facilitator, Speaker & Works on Radio/Podcasts in USA....


She has been Reading for over 15 years to help others along their personal and spiritual journey both locally & internationally...

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Rachael conducts readings & energy healing via Zoom... Each session is recorded and sent to you via email for downloading at no extra charge... All readings & energy healing are by appointment only...