How To Nail Your Niche

Who Does Your Business Market To?

How would you feel if you knew exactly how to target your niche? What impact would that have on your business and the potential it would provide to grow and scale your business? 

At the moment you are servicing so many people and your time is becoming really limited.

The reality is that unless you voice your target niche, it will become difficult to get the results you are wanting to achieve for you and your clients and as clients focus is on ‘What results can you do for me’. If this is not established quickly then you are more likely to have a failed business.

You have so many skills which makes it seem harder to choose a specific niche but what is happening is your business is too broad and your not hitting what you truly are amazingly crafted to do, which is provide amazing value to transform your clients lives. The second problems is it makes marketing to your target audience a lot harder because your scope of people you services is too broad which means your marketing results are not effective and your business is not achieving the results either and your not able to leverage your business and your time more efficiently.

Today you’ll learn how to achieve clarity and focus to drive your business towards having a clear specific goal on who you or target audience/niche market is and how to market to them, because when you can attain these two steps well, then you will know what value can you offer to them.


 Know  Your Niche In Specific Details

Create a Niche Profile – be specific as you can to gain more clarity – if you already have a client you see as your target niche then think of them and you can even give your niche a name. So that you’re not thinking your niche as such can make them relatable to you with a name. They become a person not just a business transaction. Your target niche name could be: SARAH or JOHN whatever your client name is that your may be using as your niche, call them that.

Take a sheet of paper and write these headings below and fill out each area

  • Sex
  • Age (within a 10years gap is preferably)
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Kids
  • Hobbies
  • Income
  • Job title
  • Extra information

What Is Their Psychological Makeup

You want to know your niches mental and emotional states better than they do so they feel like you are reading there minds because you know them so well and can connect with them instantly. REMEMBER connection is one of human’s greatest needs they want to feel. They want someone to make them feel like they matter because you know them so well. This step is also an effective way to build trust and relationship with people too, so a double whammy for you.

Be as specific and decisive as you can when completing this task, as this will determine the results of your marketing strategies.

Take a sheet of paper and make 4 quadrants with a header in each on 

PROBLEMS – what are your niches short-term problems that are creating frustrations your niche. Problems they want solved now?

SOLUTIONS – what are your niches short-term solutions they want now that if they took action right NOW they would achieve immediate results? 

FEARS – what your niches long term fears that plague there mind constantly. And what if they never addressed these fears, what outcomes would there be in their life, family, business etc.

DREAMS – what are your niches long-terms goals they want to see, hear, feel, know, that they must accomplish. And if they achieved these dreams what massive impact would that bring to their life, family, business etc. 

OUTCOME – now that you have a definite profile of your client, the very last question that you now need to ask yourself is ‘What can you do for them?’ What results can you promise that will address there short and long term frustrations?


  Market To Your Target Niche

Once you have completed both steps, analyze if what you have written is projected through your business marketing and if not, then start making changes to direct market to your audience that needs your skillset to transform their lives. 

The more detailed you are with each of these tasks the more you will can Clarity and Focus and know how to market to your niche that is specific and details to there wants and needs because you know them as well as they know themselves. 

The clarity provided from these steps will enable you to know exactly when you are talking to your niche, what conversations to have to connect and build trust and start a beautiful relationship with them and focus to know your niche wants, needs, desires and secrets.

From here your business can start to have a clear pathway and direction of how to start scaling and growing your business that is now specific and details as to who you can best serve and provide massive value to there world. Your craft/skillset now has a definite purpose and you can then focus on what results can you give your clients. 

Our goal in life is to Educate – Inspire – Empower people to live the life of their dreams and transform them into reality, isn’t it? 

R xx