It’s Not What Your Look At, It’s What You See That Matters

The Overall Theme Is: It’s Not What You Look At, Its What You See That Matters

Each week Rachael reviews how to work with the energy using the ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards as her guide…

Discover what message deeply speaks to you and take that as a personal message from the overall week’s energy forecast…

Here is the divine guidance from the ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards that came through this week for you:
Monday & Tuesday – Clairvoyance – Your intuition comes through visual signs… Connect with your third eye to harness this clair sense…
Wednesday – Friday – Reflection – The reflection of self represents your internal beliefs you hold about how you look… You judge yourself based on what you see…
Saturday & Sunday – Contemplation – Focus on your desires to align withy our soul contract.

Much Love
Rachael xx
Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher

The ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards are used in this week’s oracle cards, click here to learn more:

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