The Influence Of Saturn Retrograde

Hey Gorgeous,

Have you been wondering what the hell is going on energetically because you’ve had so much happening or going in internally within you?

Let me tell you!!! It’s Saturn Retrograde…🪐

Like any retrograde planet when a planet transitions backward it’s all about revision, reviewing, and going within to do the soul work around any problem, pattern, or reoccurring theme presenting itself into your consciousness…

And if you’re not recognizing the guidance or dismissing it, it will deliver the soul message external through situations forcing you to face the lesson being shared with you…

Have you heard the expression: ‘follow the soul guidance or be skull dragged!’
Well, that is your two options right now!!!

And I want for you to know how to navigate the time so you can prevent as much skull dragging as possible…😜

So if done a facebook live video 👇for you to learn all about the influence of Saturn Retrograde and how you can work with this current energy which is from Jun 4th – October 23rd…

If you harness the powerful planet Saturn’s lessons & blessings being shared with you it has so much to share with you & it will be the most life-changing transformative experience ever…

You may find this time confronting and at times painful!!! So if you would love some additional support in your healing journey, then I invite you to my Energy Clearing Session here gorgeous:

Much Love
Rachael xx
Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher