Weekly Energy Forecast For 11th – 17th September

This weeks theme is: You are one decision away from changing your life forever! Thats right!

This week you are being urged to STOP overthinking everything that is contributing to you feeling drained and exhausted and let your choices & decision reflect your dreams.

The ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards for this week are:
Monday & Tuesday – Stop – Rest & relaxation is required right now.
Wednesday – Friday – Frustration – What you think is frustrating is only surface deep.
Saturday & Sunday – Spiritual Being – I give permission to honour my spiritual essence & celebrate my spiritual journey.

Your life is an accumulation of decisions you make within every minute of the day. You can choose to stay feeling stuck and overwhelmed by your emotions – which by the way is still a decision or decide to do ONE THING DIFFERENTLY that aligns with your dreams!

One tiny step done consistently day after day WILL change the course you are currently on right now. Not only after a short period of time will you start to feel better but you will strengthen your mindset and your thoughts will start to match the energy you wanting to be vibrating and co creating with the universe.

You can do this, make a decision today that your future self will thank you for!

Much Love
Rachael xx