Weekly Energy Forecast For 14th – 20th August

Hi there,

The this weeks overall energy theme is to allow the feminine energy to flow through to every cell within your being which will allow the integration and transformation to occur.

Awareness of your internal dialogue will give you insight into if you are being gentle, nurturing and self caring your whole being.

This is a moment this week to bring forth a new balance between the masculine and feminine energy and utilise the strength in femininity and experiment with this softer energy in every area of your world.

This Weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Are:
Monday – Tuesday – Grounding – Ground your energy with Mother Earth and connect with her wisdom.
Wednesday – Friday – Femininity – Tap into your femininity. That goddess energy that is gentle, loving & nurturing. There is a real strength in softness that requires validating.
Saturday – Sunday – Solitude – Draw all your energy inwards for there is where all the answers await.

Two Additional Cards:
Change – Positive change is occurring on a soul level. It is safe for you to emerge from behind the mask.
Empowerment – Allow yourself to feel vulnerable which will encompass empowerment.

Remember Mercury goes retrograde now, so be mindful of your communication. Within this period its so easy to speak on autopilot out or reaction response and your replies and external communication with others can be misunderstood causing alot of unnecessary hurt.

Words have the potential to heal or harm. Make it your goal that each word spoken is one that heals.

Have a most fabulous week in your feminine flow.

Much Love
Rachael xx