Weekly Energy Forecast For 28th August – 3rd September

This weeks theme involves the awesome mantra of: Don’t Give Up!!!
As planets like Saturn start to move forward you will start to see evidence that new beginnings are emerging.

You have or are in the process of creating solid foundations for your dreams, so that anything that you build above has the potential to grow and expand with stability.

To really enhance this weeks energy, allow yourself the space this week to spend time visualising what you want to manifest and invite into your world. Your mind can not determine the difference of what is real or not. So as you visualise, your mind will believe your vision to be true. So an incredibly valuable exercise for your present and future self.

This weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards are:
Monday & Tuesday – Dreams – Don’t give up just before you have achieved your desired goal.
Wednesday – Friday – Contentment – You have reached a stage in your life where you are peaceful. The soul can soar and the heart is free.
Saturday & Sunday – The World – The world is your oyster. Success shall follow.

It is now time to move from being in your mind thinking about your dreams and now we are all being called to FEEL your dreams deep down into your whole being within. As you feel into your desired goals/dreams let all your senses become alive. Let your imagination loose and dream big.

If your dreams don’t scare you, there aren’t big enough.

Have a truly amazing week.

Much Love
Rachael xx