Weekly Energy Forecast For April 16th – 22nd

This weeks overall theme is: Self Confidence & Inspired Action

This week is so incredibly exciting with the turn of new energy floating in now… Not only has Mercury started to go direct, which means lines of communication will settle down & so too will that sensitivity due to miscommunication too…

But today is a New Moon which falls into the zodiac of Aries… Which is a fire sign… The first of the zodiac and one that inspires:

🌜Self Confidence
🌜Backing Yourself
🌜Taking Risks
🌜Defining you own pathway

Letting Go Of:
🌜Negative internal mind chatter…

What makes the energy of Aries so exciting is from the internal changes that are occurring right now… There is a new found self confidence re-surging from within, that internal strength to back yourself which is so incredibly refreshing and totally awesome…

As these two qualities are where you will be making decisions primarily from… Knowing that you’ll back yourself because something within you as been accessed that is undeniable… That is “YOUR AWESOME”…

There would of been a time you knew it, but kept it hidden away – not anymore… Your time is now to step into your amazingness from a place of confidence NOT ego or arrogance…NO… So don’t be mislead into thinking that your self confidence is from lower vibrating energy…

Now to take this inspired ACTION requires clarity so then you know the direction to expel all this amazing energy too…

So click on the link below to download an Clarity & Intention Worksheet:

Much Love & Have An Incredibly Awesome Week
Rachael xx​​