Weekly Energy Forecast For July 16th – 22nd

This weeks overall theme is: Be The Awareness!!!

You are not defined by your thoughts!!!! It’s what you do with them that becomes decides the outcome… You can let your fears & doubts hold you back or take a real moment to really take this quote into your consciousness – 

“Rather than being your thoughts & emotions, be the awareness behind them” Eckhart Tolle 

Its powerful, right!!!

The real key here this week is to LOVE yourself unconditionally… Treat yourself just you would your best friend… Would you emotionally beat them up or never forgive them if they made mistakes – NO!!! 
So choose to give yourself that same love & respect… 

Remind yourself of your ALL your amazing qualities, because you posses them… A healthy confidence is sexy & sassy… Breathe in that attitude in & breathe out the BS… Let those thoughts engulf your mind this week…

The ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards Are: 

Monday & Tuesday  Chaos – Disconnection to self…(Jumping Cards)
Wednesday – Friday – Love – You embody so much love it radiates from within you… Thank you…(Jumping Card)
Saturday & Sunday – Uniqueness – Your uniqueness is to be celebrated, rejoiced and owned for you are loved for all that you are… 

Much Love
Rachael xx

PS >>> Reminder: jumping cards are messages your soul is trying wanting to convey to you, so take note…