Weekly Energy Forecast For July 17th – 23rd

Another exciting week where your ideas are going to be coming through thick and fast and the key to this weeks energy is to ‘Ground’ yourself so you can turn these ideas into tangible action steps that will work towards you dreams & desires.

This Weeks ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Card Energy Forecast:

This week card reading came with a jumping card. A jumping card is a message that your soul really is trying to capture your attention and ‘Grounding’ is an important aspect to enable you to bring all those ideas down into this reality and work with them to bring clarity to the direction you are following.

Jumping cards acts as stop signs from the soul, to say “hey, pay particular attention of the card meaning for you as there is additional wisdom offered from this card”. The soul always finds ways to communicate and connect on multiple levels to work with you to stay on track with your passion and purpose. And this message of ‘Grounding’ is no different.

When we spend alot of time on our heads thinking of ideas we can become removed from living within this reality. So being grounded daily will allow you to be present within this reality.

Its so easy to stay in your head and think of all possible solutions before applying them and at times you can get lost in your thoughts and forget to action anything and become trapped in your thoughts. And this is NOT what your soul wants for you.

These amazing ideas coming through are little bits of insight & wisdom that an collate your dream, offering possibilites of the next step along your journey. So dont get stuck in your own head this week.

Monday & Tuesday – Focus – Your mind is brimming with so many ideas it makes it a challenge to focus.
Wednesday – Friday – Trust Is The Key – Trust you claircognizance skills. Claircognizance is a ‘clair’ knowing. Trust your inner wisdom.
Saturday & Sunday – Feathers – Feathers have presented themselves to show you that your loved ones are present.

Have an amazing week staying connected with self through grounding your energy with Mother Earth.

Much Love
Rachael xx