Weekly Energy Forecast For July 24th – 30th

This week we celebrate the New Moon which was SUnday night that makes it a symbolic time to set your intentions of what you want to not only manifest and what action steps you can apply to turn anything you want into a reality.

As the overall theme for this weeks coming energy is: Overthinking has the potential to destroy dreams.

BEYOU Oracle Cards:
Monday & Tuesday – Feathers – Feathers have presented themselves to show you that your loved ones are present.
Wednesday – Friday – Speak Your Truth – Speak from your heart and connect with your truth.
Saturday & Sunday – Uniqueness – Your uniqueness is to be celebrated, rejoiced and owned for you loved for all that you are.

Additional Cards:
Perception – What is your world reflecting back to you?
Chaos – Disconnection to self.

Right now in your reality, you are being guided to the HOW process to make your dreams into tangible steps you can focus on and not be distracted by external noise and distractions.

Life will always have some obstacles, yet it is how you overcome them that helps build your strength and encourage that determination to kick in.

So take some time today to sit quietly with your intentions and look to what is it going to take to convert dreams that are thoughts into new actions and behaviours that will establish new beliefs within yourself that will will continue to grow as you do…

This is the moment to elevate yourself in all that you do, say and think and live the life of your dreams.

Have a beautiful week and if this weeks energy forecast resonates with someone you may know, feel free to share this others.

Much Love
Rachael xx