Weekly Energy Forecast For October 2nd – 8th

Hi there,

We begin another week in the month of October. We are 3 months shy of another year coming to an end and where are you as far as accomplishing your dreams? Do your dreams feel close at hand or still in thought/thinking phase!

As you have heard me mention throughout the year, that this is the year to make all dreams come true and set yourself up for the next 8 more years. As this being a year 1, what intention and momentum you create now, will filter through for the next 8 years of a 9 year cycle.

I know it can seem scary that urge to get going and the doubts surfacing too. Questioning HOW to you move from fear to freedom? Good question.

The super exciting thing about this weeks energy forecast is that every single card is a jumping card. And a jumping card is a message from the soul really urging you to take notice of its message. Usually you may get 1 or occasionally 2 jumping cards, but a cluster of cards – WOW our soul is insistent on relaying its message to you, that you tie back into how to move from fear to freedom!

So lets check it out.

This weeks overall theme is: Balance & Change An Limiting Beliefs

The ‘BEYOU’ Oracle Cards For This Week Are:

Monday & Tuesday – Grounding – Ground your energy with mother earth and connect with her wisdom.
Wednesday – Friday – Chaos – Disconnection to self.
Saturday & Sunday – Energy – Observe how you expend your energy.

Perception – What is your world reflecting back to you?

Your energy will draw you to within & recalibrate and realign yourself with your dreams. It seems if there has been a lose of momentum and that has allowed self doubt to filter through. Action is the difference between thinking about your dreams and taking step towards making them becoming your reality.

What you focus on becomes your reality, so this is a great week to bring your awareness to your desires/dreams/goals and remove the distraction and focus only on the direction that ignites your soul. If it feels right, than it is right for you.

Yet, I am also drawn to mention that when you work from a state of balance you naturally attract what you so desire too. So remember to make this a priority for you this week and then you can work from your natural state of flow and allow your dreams to work with you too.

Have an amazing week.

Much Love
Rachael xx