Interview with Medicine Man Peter Bowden


This interview with Peter speaks candidly about his own journey through spirituality and openly shares his greatest learning’s along his pathway. We speak of the importance of finding balance and giving back to self as a priority so that he can continue share his blessings with many.

Owner of Shamanic Earth Medicine Peter Bowden is also known as ‘Womble Matu’ or ‘Eagle Wolf’ which means ‘Spirit Teacher’. A name gifted to him by traditional elders of North America.

Peter has been sharing Shamanic Earth Medicine for more than 25 years, teachings taught to him by Indigenous Elders in both the Americas and Australia.

His spiritual journey first began with Buddhism and Yoga and is now leading the Shamanic pathway as a Medicine Man sharing his wisdom that bridges the gap between the chaotic western world with spirituality through facilitating various Ceremonies, Shamanic Circles, Sacred Masculine Lodges, the Way of the Drum along with a variety workshops and serving others along their journey.

As the medicine Man, Peter holds the space for others to journey to their own healing of self through the various sacred ceremonies and healings. He walks with a profound connection to all beings. Through these teachings, people have been empowered to walk the Medicine Way, surrendering and letting go into deeper states of healing consciousness for themselves and all beings.

For information on Peter’s offerings, including Shamanic Teachings, Sacred Medicine Drum Journeys and individual Coaching, Mentoring and Healing sessions, visit the links below.



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